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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
110221811482032903084102Evan P GulbisBlues2018/2019VIC Super Slam - Renegades Conference3 1Cats
291334779148211290308191Thomas RogersUni2018/2019VIC Super Slam - Renegades Conference2 1Demons
390385566148207290308390*Matthew UnderwoodDogs2018/2019VIC Super Slam - Renegades Conference3 1Kangaroos
487603543148205290309487*Aaron AyreBombers2018/2019VIC Super Slam - Renegades Conference5 1Dogs
57558231148212290307475Matthew J BrownDemons2018/2019VIC Super Slam - Renegades Conference1 1Dogs
67327494148205290308773Aaron ShellieBombers2018/2019VIC Super Slam - Renegades Conference4 1Kangaroos
7722181148203290308972Evan P GulbisBlues2018/2019VIC Super Slam - Renegades Conference4 1Lions
869395243148203290308469Brayden StepienBlues2018/2019VIC Super Slam - Renegades Conference3 1Cats
967201858148203290307967Nicholas J RossBlues2018/2019VIC Super Slam - Renegades Conference2 1Dragons
1066890987148212290309666*Blake ThomsonDemons2018/2019VIC Super Slam - Renegades Conference5 1Dragons
11651066926148213290309765*Sunam GautamKangaroos2018/2019VIC Super Slam - Renegades Conference6 1Uni
12651143548148211290308665Yousaf IqbalUni2018/2019VIC Super Slam - Renegades Conference3 1Dragons
1364353690148212290308164Will PucovskiDemons2018/2019VIC Super Slam - Renegades Conference2 1Uni
1462334779148211290309762Thomas RogersUni2018/2019VIC Super Slam - Renegades Conference6 1Kangaroos
1560401302148206290308960Nicholas FletcherLions2018/2019VIC Super Slam - Renegades Conference4 1Blues
1659205387148209290308059Tim LudemanCats2018/2019VIC Super Slam - Renegades Conference2 1Kangaroos
17581851413148213290309758Andrew R UmeedKangaroos2018/2019VIC Super Slam - Renegades Conference6 1Uni
185555486148214290307955*Sam HarbinsonDragons2018/2019VIC Super Slam - Renegades Conference2 1Blues
19541143548148211290310554Yousaf IqbalUni2018/2019VIC Super Slam - Renegades Conference7 1Blues
2052348391148206290307352Liam BanthorpeLions2018/2019VIC Super Slam - Renegades Conference1 1Kangaroos
2150303726148207290308350Dylan KightDogs2018/2019VIC Super Slam - Renegades Conference3 1Kangaroos
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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