Blues, Lions and Saints jump early
Date of Event VIC Super Slam: Sun Oct 27, 2019 8:22PM
Hawk Thaveesh Attanayake takes a speccie

There was a flurry of T20 action today at St Kilda and Greenvale as the Vic Super Slam got underway with all 18 clubs involved.




The Blues and the Lions emerged from the Renegades Conference each with two wins, while the Saints registered two wins in the Stars Conference but, like yesterday, showers interfered again. Across the day 13 of the 18 scheduled matches were completed, with most of the late games forced to walk away with one point each as showers and grey and murky skies moved in.



Mackenzie Harvey and skipper Evan Gulbis were the heroes for the Blues with outstanding all-round performances in the respective wins over the Doggies and the Demons.




There were plenty of big hits, none bigger than the True Blues' Nick Blaich who launched Andrew Fekete out of the Junction Oval and the Rams' Tom Rogers who smashed one over the Holdsworth Pavilion at the Trott against the Saints. No six was more timely than the Dragons' Dan Lalor at Greenvale #1. With six required off the last ball of the match, Lalor struck a maximum to win the game against the Cats. Lalor was playing his first ones game for the Dragons.


Renegades Pool
ROUNDS 1 & 2
Played at Greenvale





Carl 3-70 (Harvey 41no) d Foot 66 (Harvey 4-12 Smillie 3-12)
Carl 6-98 (Gulbis 33 Stepien 32 Sturrock 3-21) d Melb 97 (Gulbis 4-8 Smillie 3-14)
Fitz Donc 5-130 (Banthorpe 35no) d Melb Uni 5-124 (Scammell 56no)
Geel 7-133 (Vines 33 McDonald 30) d Green Kang 4-129 (Hussain 63no Hay 37no)
Green Kang 1-145 (Silva 77no Moran 59) drew Ncte 0-4
Ncte 6-161 (Lalor 51no Baker 38 Couch 3-23) d Geel 3-160 (Jackson 55 Oliver 35no Vines 31no)
Melb Uni 5-149 (Gregory 53 Young 41) d Ess 96 (Reid 4-12 Ahmed 3-10)
Fitz Donc 5-62 (Stagg 3-14) d Ess 6-86 (Rudd 3-13)
Foot drew Melb 4-133 (Buchanan 49 Lill 40)






Stars Pool
ROUNDS 1 & 2
Played at St Kilda




Dand 5-177 (Newman 69no Nanopoulos 48 Patil 3-23) d King Haw 108 (Chopra 30 Seneviratne 3-31)
Frank Pen 7-150 (Harford 59) d Dand 3-148 (B Forsyth 79no Kellepotha 3-24)
Prah 4-155 (Hancock 58no Blaich 55) d Camb Mag 6-153 (Conway 77 Guddadamane 41 Seymour 4-38)
Camb Mag 5-99 (Guddadamane 31) d Mon Tigers 7-93 (Fraser-McGurk 54)
Mon Tigers 4-120 (Christian 41 Humphries 50no) d Prah 94 (Humphries 4-18)
Frank Pen 5-123 (Symons 44 Organ 35) d King Haw 4-120 (Attanayake 53)
St K 9-126 (Laubscher 33 Topp 3-28) d Ring 123 (Holland 33 Murphy 3-21)
St K 7-123 (Crosthwaite 45 Laubscher 40) d Casey-SM 4-117 (Wallace 46no Freitag 38 Merlo 3-26)
Casey-SM drew Ring 1-6

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